Top 10 Best Nursery Glider 2018

Babies are the best things that can happen to a mother but they do come with a ‘few’ sets of challenges. And as a new mother, you’ll find yourself sleep deprived and spending a lot of time in the nursery during the first few months. So it is almost certain that the nursery chair will become a second bed of sorts for the nursing mother.

Imagine it’s 3:00 a.m., and after cleaning up some baby doo-doo and finally managing to quieten the little wailer you breathe a sigh of relief and head to your bed. But the baby has some other plans and beckons a loud ‘WAAAAAAH’. You’ll then wish you had the most comfortable nursery glider where you can catch up on that much-needed rest while nursing the nocturnal eensy-weensy. A rocking chair or nursery glider is a highly recommended furniture for every nursery. Whether it is rocking the baby to sleep or breastfeeding, these gliders are just excellent for comforting a fussy baby while also taking care of the tired mother.

Different Types of Chairs for Nursery

Though most chairs would look almost alike to most first-timers, there is actually more than just one type. While shopping for the best nursing chair it is advisable to keep in mind the few different varieties that are available in the market. And if you’re investing on some quality parent-baby bonding time you would want the chair to be perfect for your needs as well.

Glider Chair

Akin of the rocking chair fraternity they function very much alike but they don’t necessarily rock as far back and forth as an old school rocking chair would. They are also known as platform rockers because the chair is built upon a platform which helps it glide back and forth depending upon the dimensions of the platform. It uses the ball-bearing mechanism which makes the back and forth movement smoother. And if you’d compare the comfort along with a traditional rocking chair the difference is almost like heaven and earth. The oversized seats and the generous amount of padding make it a perfect spot for you and your baby.

Set of Glider Chair and Ottoman

Most of the mothers are on their feet throughout the day which means that the legs take a large chunk of the workload. And it’s a given that after a long and tiring day, most of you would like to ‘put your feet up’. A set of glider chair and ottoman combines the comfort of a glider chair with the added convenience of an ottoman. When you need that much-needed rest, the ottoman will make it easier for you to rest to your legs as well. The added cost of an ottoman will make it a bit more expensive than the typical glider chair though but getting a chance to put your feet up can be worth those extra bucks.

Rocking Chair

There are many types of research out there that suggest that the vestibular stimulation or back and forth rocking motion is one of the most effective methods to soothe a fussy baby. And during the first few months, there is going to be a lot of that fussiness. So rocking chairs become an essential furniture in your house to soothe and make the baby fall asleep. Rocking chairs are basically built with rounded legs or rockers on the bottom of the chair which facilitates the back and forth motion. Though a lot us are reminded of an all-wood traditional rocking chair we talk about them, there are plenty of modern and stylish looking chairs today. Since they require a bit of effort with the toes to rock and come with bare to minimal padding, they may not be ideal for long nursing sessions.

Swivel Glider Chair

The Swivel Glider is normally a glider chair with the added benefit that it swivels. A Glider chair as mentioned above will only rock or glide back and forth but with the swivel it allows the chair to turn the whole 360-degrees. So that means that you spin around from side to side and also have the back and forth rocking motion. It is a wonderful addition to have in the nursery because of the flexibility that it offers. The swiveling and gliding makes it one of the best nursing chairs for the baby and the mother. These chairs are so well made these days that you could simply use them as a normal chair and it would blend effortlessly with the décor.

Reclining Nursery Chair

The Laz Boy definitely comes to mind when you think of Recliners with their line of iconic recliners that revolutionized the American home TV viewing experience. And these state of the art luxury couch manufacturers even have a great line of recliners aimed at the nursery sector too if you are interested. Apart from Laz Boys, the nursery recliners are pretty much similar to a standard living room recliner but the nursery-specific come with a lowered seating arrangement to accommodate a mother and a baby comfortably. It is in fact so comfortable and spacious that you and your baby could easily get a nap together.

Top 5 Best Nursery Gliders

We have gone through countless nursery gliders and rockers available on Amazon taking into consideration a lot of things that most buyers look for. And we have also made sure to factor in countless customer opinions, reviews and ratings to gain that valuable insight. The following is our list of the Top 5 Best Nursery Gliders and more.


DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Ottoman


This is definitely one of the best glider for your nursery because you get all the essentials at a very reasonable rate making it the most bang for buck product. It combines both comfort and style into a very decent sized and an affordable package. The DaVinci Swivel Glider lets you swivel the whole 360 degrees rather than just back and forth which makes reaching things a lot easier. The fabric is made out of durable heathered polyester which is very soft and also free of chemical retardants. There is also plenty of support for the head and neck from the high back design and lumbar pillow for your lower back. The complete fabric look comes in three different neutral colors which can be useful in matching your home décor.


Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman 


This is the most comfortable nursery glider from Stork Craft because it comes with a generous seating arrangement, padded arm cushions and a useful pocket on the side that works as a convenient storage. The ottoman which is included in the set is pretty neat, it comes fitted with metal bearings which allow the ottoman to glide along with the glider chair in tandem. It is made from a soft polyester fabric which has a very comfortable feel to it while also being durable at the same time. Though the back and seat cushions can only be washed by hands, they are spot cleanable which reduces the need for it to be washed very often. It includes a JPMA certification seal which means this product meets safety guidelines as well. It comes in 5 neutral color options which can blend easily with any home or nursery décor.


Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider 


If you’re looking for the best nursing chair that doesn’t demand a huge amount of space to be set aside in your nursery then Babyletto’s Madison Swivel Glider should be perfect for you. The design has a minimalist contemporary feel with the rounded back but the spacious seating provides enough room. The chair sits on a metal base with 360-degree swivel support which makes rotating and gliding motions smooth and easy. The upholstery is made up of 100% microsuede which meets flammability requirements and is free of chemical flame retardants like PBDE’s and Formaldehyde. The hand-made microsuede upholstery is water-resistant, stain-resistant and ultra-soft. Though this glider doesn’t come with an ottoman, it’s amazing to know that this tiny glider has a heavy-duty weight capacity of 300 pounds.


Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner 


If you’re looking for a compact glider chair without an ottoman that is also one of the most comfortable nursery gliders, then look no further then Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner. It features all the bells and whistles while also being very reasonably priced. The versatile Mikayla lets you swivel, glide and recline so it is perfect for feeding, snuggling or just relaxing. You get the full range of motion thanks to the ball-bearing mechanism which combines rotating swivel with a smooth gliding motion. The easy-pull footrest allows you to fully recline with great ease and with the conveniently placed lever you get complete control over the movement of the chair. Resting your arms also become effortless with the track arm design. The upholstery fabric is very easy to clean while the white welt trim and white button tufting add a very elegant touch and finish to the recliner.


Windsor Glider And Ottoman 


The Windsor Glider and Ottoman is very reminiscent of a vintage rocking chair. The old school but functional design makes it the best rocking chair for your nursery. And though the vibe that it gives is vintage, the extra soft and generous padding ensures you that it is definitely a glider from the modern era. It has a very generous seating room on offer along with padded arms which makes it reasonably comfortable. The conveniently placed side pockets also make life easier with better organizing. If there is a need for clean up then the removable chair cushion are pretty easy to spot clean. It is made from solid wood which makes it sturdy and stable and assembling the whole thing is just a breeze.

Other Products to Consider


Esright Modern Rocking Chair 


Esright Modern Rocking should suffice for your rocking chair needs. And with a contemporary design and comfortable upholstery, it definitely is the best rocking chair for a nursery. The size of this rocker is just perfect, it is one and half times wider than what a regular rocker would be. The construction of the rocker is very sturdy with a solid wood finish. And with seat cushions that are thickly padded and seat back makes it the ideal for a growing family.


Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Gliding Rocker 


If you are looking for the best glider that is also elegant and stylish at the same time then the Naomi Home Swivel Gliding Rocker should meet your needs perfectly. It offers the full range of motion recliner and more with a gliding rocker, a 360-degree swivel and 135 degrees reclining with leg rest.


Dutalier Sleigh Glider-Multiposition


The Dutalier Sleigh Glider looks and feels like what most comfortable nursery gliders should be. This product incorporates the multiposition mechanism allows the stop the glider at 6 different positions making it very easy to step in or out of the glider. The lock-stop mechanism can help make it safe when your child is growing and likes to climb into the chair. Also, the reclining mechanism maximizes your comfort by allowing your backrest to be fully adjustable.


Coaster Traditional Rocking Chair 


The nostalgic traditional rocking chair does bring back a lot of memories. A lot of parents of today have grown up with the squeaking all wood traditional rocking chairs in their household. And it makes sense that you would want your child to experience that too. The beautiful looking solid wood rocker from Coaster comes with a turned arm and leg support which should fit perfectly in your nursery or household. And if you are worried about comfort then you can always tie an add-on cushion.


Baby Relax The Kelcie Nursery Swivel Glider Chair and Ottoman Set 


The Baby Relax Nursery Swivel Glider is one of the best upholstered nursing chair on Amazon. It is extremely spacious with those deep and extra wide seats and the thickly padded seat cushions with lumbar support makes it extremely comfortable as well. The microfiber fabric comes in three variants matching your home décor effortlessly. It is also very easy to spot clean when the baby comes up with a few unpleasant surprises.

Things to Consider


The size is a very important factor to consider while buying your nursery glider especially if you have very little space on offer. You have to be mindful that the chairs need to rock back and forth hence require room for motion as well. So make sure the chair that you choose will fit the space you have.


Since you’ll be spending a good amount of time on the nursing chair it is best to invest in a one that is comfortable. The ideal rocker is soft but also supportive at the same time. A high backrest would be a requirement especially if you’re tall. And having generous padding and seat cushioning always helps add to the comfort level.


Occasional thrills and spills are to be expected since you’ll be feeding and nursing your baby on the chair. In such cases, it is worth considering upholstery fabrics that are easy to clean or one that can accommodate slipcovers that are washable.  


Since nursing chairs don’t come cheap it would be worth to consider a one that is made out of sturdy and stable material. A good nursing chair should definitely last through a baby’s infancy and beyond.


Customer reviews are vital if you are buying things on the internet and that probably holds true across other platforms as well. Since you won’t be able to touch and feel the product, other customers opinions and experiences should help you best in your buying decision.


Convenience features are very important while considering buying the best glider. You would have found a great product at a great price but not having certain convenience features which are important to your needs can stop it from making it perfect. Be it the 360-degree swivel, proper storage space or even things the safety lock mechanism. Do consider these things to avoid regretting later.


There are a lot of things that you might want for your nursery but trust us, a nursery glider should definitely be a top priority. Most importantly your baby needs you and your presence and the best nursery gliders will make it possible for the two of you spend that quality time together, rather comfortably. The amount of choices that exists in the market today can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many brands and types of gliders and rockers out there. We’ve tried our best to narrow things down for you to make that search for the right product a lot easier. Even if you are a complete newbie, our comprehensive review should help you gain a valuable insight and perspective. And remember to consider the things mentioned above before buying to ensure that you make the perfect choice for you and your family. Happy Parenting!