Top 5 Best Dr Brown Bottles

Dr Brown baby bottles are known for their anti-colic features. They are suitable for new-borns right up to the weaning stage. The unique system works on the theory that prevention is better than cure, and so all the Dr Brown baby bottles are designed for colicky babies.

It is a proven fact that 92% of UK babies develop colic at an early stage, making the Dr Brown bottle range perfect from the very start.

1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

These bottles make use of the unique innovative vent system to prevent colic from even occurring. This bottle has a patented 2-piece internal vent system which allows the milk to flow freely at all times, and there is no nipple collapse through feeding times.

In a Dr Brown bottle review of this bottle users have stated that the air is channelled from the nipple collar and does not mix with the formula, thus preventing oxidation. Less oxidation means that vital nutrients, namely Vitamins A, C, and E are present in the food up to feeding time, even if preparation takes longer than expected.

Because of the unique vent system, bubbles are significantly reduced, helping with any colic problems due to gas and burping.

2. Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottles

This is the first of the Dr Brown bottle range that can be used either with or without the vent system. The vent system is there if you should need it as it is designed to reduce feeding problems. The unique nipple venting feature provides a steady flow of milk at all times.

The Options range of bottles can be used with most breast pumps and are all BPA-free. The design of the bottle means that vital nutrients are not oxidized, so your new-born baby gets all the vitamins he can right from the start.

The fully vented design means that this bottle is as close as you can get to breastfeeding your baby, with the internal vent system and the silicone nipple working together to control the flow of feed at the pace of the infant. Because of this unique feature, this range of bottles gets one of the best Dr Brown bottle reviews.

3. Dr. Brown’s Options Wide-Neck Baby Bottles

This bottle can be used with or without the vent system. The bottles are wide necked for extra comfort while feeding. The unique nipple venting system means that baby has less chance of developing feeding problems such as colic. The system also ensures that nutrients are preserves, even if the feed is left for some time. This means that making up bottles for the entire day is possible, with no oxidising process.

Because there is a reduced chance of colic, it means that babies are happier at feeding times, with less digestive problems.

This range of bottle is compatible with most breast pumps. All the Dr Brown bottles are 100% BPA-free and this ensures that these bottles get the best Dr brown bottle reviews.

4. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Specialty Feeding Starter Kit

This bottle is designed for use with babies and new-borns with severe feeding difficulties. The unique system ensures a steady flow of feed with minimum air interruption. This bottle range is suitable for babies with conditions such as cleft lip/palate or cranial anomalies.

By inserting the unidirectional valve into the silicone nipple, the system allows infants to feed by using their own tongues and jaw movements during feeding times. The feed is then delivered at a pace which suits the infant. It is safe and efficient.

The bottle is fully vented to provide positive pressure and vacuum-free sucking at all times. The bottle is designed to reduce symptoms of colic and burping and gets one of the best Dr Brown bottle reviews for infants with conditions which are problematic.

5. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles – Love You to the Moon and Back 8 Oz

This 8oz bottle makes use of Dr browns patented 2-piece internal vent system. This makes feeding a comfortable experience for both parent and infant. The system ensures positive pressure during the feeding process, with reviews showing that this bottle is one of the most similar methods to natural breastfeeding. The formula flows smoothly and freely without any nipple collapse.

It is not possible for any air to mix with the feed, so oxidation is prevented, and essential nutrients are not destroyed.

The unique vent system ensures that there are reduced feeding problems such as gas and colic. Spit-up is also minimised.

All Dr brown’s bottles are 100% BPA, PVC, and lead-free, giving the range of Dr Brown’s bottles the best reviews.


The patented internal vent feature helps to reduce air influx, making feeding times a pleasure for both baby and parent. Whether you select the wide-necked range or the original bottle, we know that you will find the right bottle for you and your new-born. Dr Brown provides a range of bottles which will take you from the first feed until your baby is weaned.

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