Best Bottles For Breastfeeding

The transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding can be effortless and hassle-free when you choose a bottle that’s specifically designed to help transition your little ones’ feeding habits. If you pick a bottle your baby can easily find and latch onto, then persuading your little one to transition and take to the new bottle doesn’t have to be the daunting challenge. When it comes to the sheer variety of what’s in the market, you really are spoilt for choice, as there are special bottles designed just for breastfeeding. Which ones are the best ones? Below are the best baby bottles for breastfeeding babies; that bring ease and easy into this transition.

Tommee Tippee

Your baby loves the comfort and the close-to-you feeling of feeding times, and this bottle is shaped to keep that feeling going. Designed to resemble the shape of the real deal, this bottle feels like one to your little one and bottle acceptance is eased this way. It features a compact shape that allows your infant to feed in a natural position. The nipples are soft, smooth and easy for your infant to latch on to. It has an anti-colic valve that restricts excessive airflow during feeds, which means less gas and colic, as your baby gulps less air during feeds. This baby bottle offers different flow rates suitable for babies in different age groups; the slow flow is for newborns, medium for 3 months or older, and fast flow for babies 6 months or older. Easy to clean, this bottle has a wide neck that makes for super easy cleaning.

Lansinoh mOmma

Here’s a bottle that’s designed to mimic the same actions from breastfeeding, limits nipple confusion and adds comfort to feeding time while you are away from your baby. Made especially for babies that are used to being breastfed, the nipples are silky soft, flexible and 100% made of silicone and enable the sucking action your baby is used to, bringing food and comfort to your infant along the way. The nipples feature a natural wave, this encourages oral development. This bottle reduces air intake with its air ventilation system in place, this, in turn, controls colic and helps takes care of post feed discomfort and tummy aches.


This cute bottle is eye candy. Plus, it’s designed for better feeding of your infant and for this reason finds a place among the best baby bottles for breastfed babies. It gives your baby an element of control over the feeds, your little one can control the flow of milk, and this contributes to more comfortable and comforting feeding. Its anti-colic system allows this milk flow control and reduces the air intake during feeding and means less or no gas and colic. The nipples are soft and have a natural texture, which means the transition from breast to bottle is accomplished seamlessly.


Here’s a feeding bottle that brings a natural feeling to bottle feeding. Designed to prevent reflux, gas and colic, this anti colic choice features patented vented base that regulates pressure and stops foam and bubbles from forming. It features a soft, flat shaped nipple that’s made to fit your baby’s mouth perfectly. This helps mimic the natural experience of breastfeeding. With its ergonomically designed shape, this bottle is easy to hold for babies and parents. It has a self-sterilizing design and gets cleaned up nice and easy with just water and microwaving for a few minutes.


Known for being the best bottle for breastfed newborn, this exceptional bottle comes loaded with useful features. Feeding breast milk from a bottle doesn’t have to mean loss of nutrients, not when you use this bottle for feeds. This baby bottle is designed to preserve all the beneficial natural nutrients of breast milk. Designed to simplify the process of feeding breast milk, it provides simple and quick solutions right from storing, warming to feeding. Milk can be pumped directly into the feeding bottle. It makes for easy storing as the bottles stack on top of each other, needing less fridge space and you get to easily track the pumping order to pick bottles for the next feed.


The transition time of moving from breastfeeding to feeding from a bottle can be smoother, when you make this switch with a bottle that designed to make this change easier for your infant to adapt to. The best bottles for breastfeeding do this and they have additional features that all add to the overall wellbeing of your baby.

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